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Our number one desire is to share the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) with Jewish communities.  Secondly, we believe it is important for the Christian community to understand it's Judeo-Christian roots.  We are doing this through 3 major yearly events - Passover Seder Dinner Events, Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jersualem, and tours to the Holy Land.

Passover Seder Dinners 

Passover Seder Dinner events are designed to celebrate this feast and help the attender discover Yeshua-Jesus in each element.  

Israel Tours 

Next trip to Israel is scheduled for December 2-9th,2024

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem 

Each year on the first Sunday of October, RVM partners with our local church and literally thousands around the world who prayer specifically on that day for Israel. 
Psalm 122:6  Pray for the peace of Jersualem: May they prosper who love you.

Your gift helps us continue sharing the Gospel of Jesus with all of our OutReach Ministries. 

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