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My Body God's Temple

This 9 lessons series will begin with the Apostle Paul's radical statement - Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit - and leap you into lessons geared to help you develop parts of our wonderfully and fearfully created bodies!

  1. Intro - House of Yahweh
  2. Transformed Thinking (Mind)
  3. Listening for God (Ears)
  4. Focus (Eyes)
  5. Communication (Mouth)
  6. Heart Transplant (Heart)
  7. Holy Sweat (Hands)
  8. Prayer (Knees)
  9. Sharing the Good News (Feet)

In these sermon series you will be engaged, challenged, and inspired.  Get ready to be Rooted in Praise and Worship, Unity, Service, and Proclaiming the Good News! 

01.  Rooted in Praise and Worship
02.  Rooted in Unity
03.  Rooted in Service
04.  Rooted in the Proclamation of the Gospel

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