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Our Mission  
Funny how some things never change. Church life may look a lot different than it did 10, 20, 50, or even 500 years ago, but there's at least one area in the church that ought to look exactly the same. 

In every generation, the church ought to be busy doing the Master's business -  making disciples.  Jesus did it.  The early church did it.  Our spiritual fathers did it  - and now it's our turn. 

Our goal is to imitate the mission of every generation by Connecting People to: God | His People | His Serivce

Core Values We Embrace

  • Spirit-Led:  biblically sound expressions for living
  • Everyone is Valued:  every person matters
  • Relational:  creating opportunities where people can meet
  • Compassion:  embracing others at their point of need
  • Involved and Serving:  every person finding their place and faithfully fufilling in it
  • Empowering Change:  moving toward the future without fear
  • Kingdom Risk Takers:  we are willing to do it different if need be