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Founder and President of RVM

Dr. Rachel Velasquez has a heart committed to sharing the good news of Jesus.  She has over 35 years of preaching the gospel.  Her portfolio includes working in corporate business and also in ministry.  Her leardership qualities and positions include pastor, educator, mentor, conference speaker and consultant to leaders.  

Pastoral Ministry - since 1991
Church Planter - 2004
Educator - since 1992
Mentorship for young women - since 1992
Consulatant - since 2015

RVM has team members in AZ, CA, CO, NM, and UT.

"Team" is truly what RVM is all about. Each person has skilled ministry gifts which enable RVM to serve the church/ministries in manifold ways.  Every team member has a heart to serve and we are here to serve your ministry. 

RVM Team

Bernie Cadriel - Worship, Music, Business Administration (AZ), 
Rev. Rosa Romero - Preaching, Worship, Teaching (NM),
Gabe & Ruth Velasquez - Teaching, Business Entrepreneurs (NM)

Bishop David & Olivia Velasquez - The Master's Hand (NM)
Pastors Gary & Marilyn Weik - Preaching, Teaching, Prayer, Personal Ministry through Standing Stone (AZ)

Anita Velasquez - Preaching, Worship (NM)
Rev. Jim and Linda Rivera - Home Missionaries, Neighbor 2 Neighbor (UT)
Leia Honor - Travel and Conference/Event Liaison (CO)
Rudy and Francis Salazar - Founders of Convicts for Christ (AZ)
Pastors Tony and Monica Rivera - Preaching, Teaching, Prayer Ministry (AZ)

Rachel Velasquez Ministries
Rethink it. Vision it. Make it happen! 
Mailing Address: PO Box 832 Peoria, AZ 85380
Office: 12036 N 67th Ave. Peoria, AZ 85345