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Big God Little Me 

To whom can our God be compared?  He is beyond description!  By Pastor R. Velasquez

Developing Your Faith 

In this sermon you will be encouraged to grow your faith!

By Pastor R. Velasquez

David a Man After God's Heart / Teaching Series 

Enjoy the journey of the life of David as his story helps build your life.

1.  Intro to David's Life

2. Part 1 - A Lesson Worthy Remembering

02.  Part 2 - A Lesson Worth Remembering

3.  Part 3 - Losing Your Crutches

Joseph - 6 Part Sermon/Teaching Series 

Joseph is a biography you won't soon forget.  His journey through life's ups and downs contains insights to help you navigate life!  By Pastor R. Velasquez

Jospeh: Introduction to His Family Part 1 (the power of jealousy & favoritism)

Jospeh: Resisting Temptation Part 2

Joseph: Remembered & Promoted Part 3

Joseph: Guilt a Different Perspective Part 4

Joseph: Grace Part 5

Jospeh: Favor Over Famine Part 6

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