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Women of Steel
Women of Steel

Women of Steel is a mentorship ministry.  Young women (18-40) meet twice a month with the express purpose to develop into the women they were designed to be by God.  You will be challenged in this group, loved for who you are, and changed by the power of God's word and prayer.  Pastor Rachel serves as the main mentor but has other qualified women who share in the mentoring process.  All women can expect to experience:

     - Personal Growth
     - Ministrial Education
     - Ministry Practicum
     - Corporate mentoring with the W.O.S. group
     - Personal mentoring time with Dr. Rachel

If you are interested please submit an application.  If you are not from Phoenix, Arizona you will join the group via Zoom.  
All applications are reviewed and you will know if you are accepted within one month of your submitted application.

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