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The Late Rudy B. Salazar ~ Founder 
Frances Salazar ~ Founder and President

Rudy and Frances founded Convicts for Christ Ministries on July 24, 2009 in Phoenix, AZ.  CFC was founded on the basis of one's conviction for Jesus Christ.  
Our mission is to proclaim liberty to the captives (Isaiah 61:1).  Our street ministry is mobile based, reaching out to the communities within Arizona who are in need of food, shelter, clothing, and most importantly, Jesus.  
CFC commitments are to provide community ourtreach events to the lost and serve those who are in need of prayer and mentorship.

Christopher and Christina Reder ~ CFC Evangelists

CFC brings the good news to all.  Be transformed, be motivated, be courageous, be loved by God's Word.

Join us for Bible Study on Zoom.
Tuesday Nights 7pm. 
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Password: n5jFaA


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